happy 30th!

Just a while ago, I’ve been witnessing the fragile corners of the bed-tucked, snoring city; knowing for the fact that it had a busy and tiresome night. Such situation isn’t new to me. I used to be awake at these times to still look for fun. People are now exiting the so-called “Flyday” ambience and is seeking for the warm hugs of Mr. Pillow and Mr. Blanky. They’re like zombies walking home as the red rays of light starting to appear and overcome the pitch black sky.

I am not here to witness the battle of those conqueror-like activities, nor seeking for a 500 peso bill on the streets to fill the empty stomach of mine; but I’m here for a reason way too important than that, a mission that is challenging my ego. A mission that needs to be accomplished before she wake’s up, despite that my bed is calling me to come back, despite that I disobey her again(la q nananghid…patay! surprise man gud ni). But I have to- this is for her.

After minutes of looking for the perfect spot for the operation, I seem to find this simple and
cheap internet café.

“Log-in ko nong…”

“(Yawn)PC 8…”

PC 8? Eight...this number seems to wield some amount of magic, sufficient enough to bend my lips upside-down. As I slowly walk towards the PC, my mind seem to reminisce the time I asked her, her favorite number. From all of the numbers she dictates, eight was the only number that she has a reasonable explanation as to why she likes it. Childish you might say but she likes it because it illustrates an endless love. She says that if you try to scribble such number, there seems to be no ending. Just like in a relationship, she wanted to feel that way - an endless one. Yep! I’m smiling for I’m here because of that childish girl. :)

As my gluteus maximus is already comfortable, my phone vibrates. Si mama ng-miss call. I think she finds out that I escaped my beauty rest. Not now ma…what’s my alibi? Nag-jogging q ma?wait! 2:00 in the morning mag jogging? I don’t know what to reply, I just deleted the message.


2:30am na diay?la pa q kaxugod…

Okay…start na…

It’s been 7 months already that I last updated my blog. And I know I never leveled-up. I’ve been a pathetic blogger. A dismal writer. Wrong spelling bisag naka Microsoft word with auto spileng. Wrong gramming, bisan naka indicate na ang red line. Long introduction na pa-around the bush na waley au with corny jokes…ga-try pa q ug sulat? The hell I care, a famous writer once said:

“How can you see the value of the words that comes from your heart if you’re having a difficulty in expressing it.”
-ren angelo elevera

Nakahimu jud q ug ahat na saying…hahaha…bitaw…I’m here to express what my heart is trying to say. For all these years, my heart still beats for that girl.
Ehem. Here goes nothing…

30 months and 2hours and 45 minutes, I’ve been with you. Loving you, with all my heart. I know I’ve been a bad boy for the past days. But sa aqng feelings nmu, wala jud na nah uxob… I want ma cge q say ani niya. But I know she hates me. I know wala na xa trust nq. I know coz the she ain’t sweet na…I know…because I’ve been a bad boy. I’m sorry. So sorry baby.

Rina Marie Salem Rubia, I call her baby, was the reason why I’m awake. 30 months and 2hours and 50 minutes, she has been my girlfriend. I love this girl so much that everything that I believed na everything jud, aq na gihatag tanan… to reiterate that, TANAN jud! I love her despite sa mga painful pasts. I changed myself as someone she likes, I’m afraid what will happen kung I’m not like what she wanted, does she’ll lose interest?

Baby q? You have everything that I need. The love that I needed. I want to thank you sa mga times for being there with me, especially sa mga times when I need you the most. I want to thank you sa dili pag give-up nako…bisan cge nq kasala, na cge na paulit-ulit aqng sala…ng-dugay jpun tah…I want to thank you for simply being there for me. You’ve been a great impact in my life. You did changed my life – literally! Always tikaw ma-think, pag-mata and before mu sleep…haiz…always jud na baby q…mwuaah! baby? Could you believe it? We lasted this long? 30 months…or 2 years and 6 months…hihihi..mwuaah!

I’m sorry about the body of this post. I can’t seem to understand the things that I have been typing. A liquid substance is blocking my eyes. And I can’t stop it as its starting to fall. Gubot man jud and message bhe, but I know somehow, in the simplest way I can, I was able to let you glimpse what is inside my heart.

i'm here to post this simply because today is our 30th monthsary, one of the most anticipated days of the year. And i'm happy reminiscing the past with you. And i can attest to the world that every moment with you is worth it!

baby q? happy 30th monthsary…mwuaah!mwuaah!

dugay-dugay najud diay tah sa? Dugay-dugay na jud diay ang mga antos na nahitabo…from the tago-tago, to the moments na na-stop, to the pag-balikay, to the revelation, sa mga tears sa panyo, sa t-shirt, sa pillow, sa shoulders…sa gas na sayang sa pag-laag natu bisan-asa…sa pag-laag sa sibulan ma gabii and kadlawon, to tanjay, dauin, sa mga kuleet moments natu…sa mga paak nmu nq…sa mga waley jokes nmu na mukatawa nalang q to show respect kay uyab man tkaw…sa mga warm hugs and sweet kisses…haiz…dugay-dugay najud…

For all the tears and laughters we’ve shared, do you think I’ll find myself with someone else pa? I know that I don’t deserve you, that you deserve someone better. Someone that can give anything you want, things that u must have. Someone that has ALL the characteristics that you wanted that I don’t have…someone like Coco? Hihi…I know that someday, you won’t be able to be with me, that I can no longer place my fingers between yours. That I’ll be missing your strawberry-flavor lips…I know that time may someday come. But I want you to know that bisan mahitabo na bhe, dili tikaw makalimtan…that in my life, I experienced to love someone so much…a memory that must never be forgotten…na naka uyab q ug angel…na gina hatag ang tanan just to show love.

I love you so much bhe!

i know i can never be a prince charming but i tried to be the best prince charming you could wished for. stay cute and bubbly my princess...mwuaah!

still wishing for a forever with you...